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message 1: by Daria (new)

Daria So eloquent and expressed my views exactly.

message 2: by Elissa (new)

Elissa agreeded

message 3: by Nisro (new)

Nisro Your eloquent deep review makes me want to read the book although other reviews seem to discourage me from doing that
Thank you :)

message 4: by Cristen (new)

Cristen This review expressed how I felt about this book as well.

message 5: by Amira (new)

Amira True. My only take on it would be Marlena as well. She was quite disappointing! It takes some getting used to.

message 6: by Denise (new)

Denise I like your review. But in defense of a fictional character (lol) I would say the reason Marlena seems so flat is because of her era. Woman of today would not have put up with so much. Families like hers were not open and understanding. She felt like she made the better of two choices of husbands and messed up. She said she made her bed and had to lie in it. She knew August was crazy and had to deal with him because in her reality, he was all she had. As readers we can't see her as the woman she would be today, with a supportive family and loads of opportunities. We have to realize she felt and was actually stuck with her life. She was just pushing through each day.

message 7: by John (new)

John R The "paranoid schizophrenic" diagnosis has to be taken in the context. It's maybe how someone like the person who said it would describe the guy in that era.

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